hotmix / recycled bitumen

Batson Earthworks & Contracting can install hotmix or recycled bitumen for a driveway or carpark. 




We will clear and prepare the area for hotmix to be laid. We lay down a minimum of 150ml of roadbase to provide a solid foundation. If drains or kerbing need to be installed we can arrange for this also. We organise your job from start to finish to ensure the end product is to the highest standard.


Recycled Bitumen:


Recycled bitumen is hotmix which has been re-crushed to a fine texture. This repurposed material can be laid for driveways and carparks. It requires no sub-base to be laid and is laid at 150 ml thick. We lay the material with our specialised Harley rake attachment and spray the material with a sealer. The sealer re-activates the hotmix in the material causing it to bind together. Recycled bitumen is a great alternative to hotmix as it is a cheaper alternative.