About us

The business was previously called Murray Mandurah Bobcat & Truck Hire. The business was taken over by Richard Batson (junior) in 2012 and he changed the name to expand the business. Batson Earthworks & Contracting has been specialising in earthworks for the construction industry for the last ten years and working for the private home owner for twenty years before that.


We take pride in all the work we do and always excel to please the customer. We offer free quotes and are highly competitive in pricing. We are fully insured and have great working machinery to complete all work to a high standard.


Our Team:

Our team members are passionate and motivated to provide the best work. Each Batson Earthworks & Contracting team member has undergone training to be able to work safely on construction sites and know how to operate all our machinery safely.


Batson Earthworks & Contracting is fully insured to be able to carry out any type of work on your property and ensuring your property is safe. Our team members take extra care when using our machinery around your property.


Our Suppliers:

Batson Earthworks & Contracting strives to provide quality work every time and we expect the same from our suppliers.


Our material supply partners are as devoted as Batson Earthworks & Contracting to providing quality materials and customer service - ensuring that you receive the best.


We take pride in sourcing the best value and highest quality material for all our jobs. We constantly source our material from different areas to assure our client that they are getting the best.